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Natalie Rowe voted out of Big Brother

Natalie Rowe voted out of Big Brother

Natalie Rowe has become the second housemate to be voted out of 'Big Brother'.

The controversial housemate was greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd outside as she left the house on Friday (24.06.16) after losing out to fellow nominees Charlie Doherty and Hughie Maughan.

When host Emma Willis asked Natalie how it felt to be out, she claimed she was relieved, before slamming fellow contestant Jayne.

She said: "I am absolutely relieved! I have a powerful energy.

"I'm pretty opinionated. It was getting weird with me and Jayne. She's a witch. I don't want to talk about her, she's fake. Chelsea filled me in on her.

"I was fearing for my life. I thought that woman was gonna stab me in the dark.

"She was pretty much like the Exorcist when she switched - did you see how she came up in my face?

"I don't really want to talk about her - she's a witch. I don't like her. I can't bear the woman, she's fake."

And it seems the eviction came at the right time as tensions were running high with ex-dominatrix Natalie involved in more controversy as she told housemate Sam Giffen that she doesn't like Hughie because he had called Lateysha Grace a "s**g."

Overhearing the conversation, Lateysha rushed over to the traveller to have it out with him.

She fumed: "I know what you've been saying about me. You seem like a nice guy to me, I'm not going to judge you. So, please in future, don't judge."

An apologetic Hughie said: "For me as a traveller I know what it's like to be pre-judged."