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Natalie Portman: 'LA is much friendlier than Paris'

Natalie Portman: 'LA is much friendlier than Paris'

Natalie Portman is relieved to have left France.

The 35-year-old actress admitted she is happy to have moved back to Los Angeles from Paris, where she had been living with her French husband Benjamin Millepied and their son Aleph, because people in America are much friendlier.

Speaking to chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, she said: "Everyone smiles a lot here - it's very nice. They're very cool in France.

"I got here and I was so surprised when you get in an elevator and someone starts a conversation ... or someone would smile at my child."

Natalie also claimed that there are too many rules and codes in France for her to follow and shared some advice a friend gave her.

She said: "There's a lot of rules of politeness and codes of behaviour there that you have to follow. When you go in some place, you have to say 'Bonjour' before you say anything else, and then you have to wait two seconds before you say anything else. If you don't follow this protocol. They'll think you're super rude and then they'll be rude to you."

Natalie and Benjamin, 39, moved to Paris when he was appointed dance director of Opera de Paris. He left the role after 15 months and they have now returned to America.