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Naomi Watts: I've been paid lower fees than male co-stars

Naomi Watts: I've been paid lower fees than male co-stars

Naomi Watts has acted in movies where she was paid a "low fee", while the "leading man" has been "working at a proper-sized fee".

The 'Birdman' star has spoken out about the gender pay gap in Hollywood and admits she has had deeply "upsetting" shooting experiences but is adamant the movie industry is addressing the issue.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter's weekly digital magazine THE EDIT, she said: "There are films I've worked on where I've been asked to work at such a low fee when I know the leading man is working at a proper-sized fee, and it's really upsetting. I went through 10 years without working with female filmmakers, and the good news is that lately I have worked with quite a few ... Voices are being heard."

Naomi is known for taking on a variety of roles in some thought-provoking movies such as 'Eastern Promises' - which deals with sex trafficking - and the mysterious 'Mulholland Drive'.

The 47-year-old actress admits her sons Sasha, eight, and Samuel, six, have started to take an interest in her movies and their dad Liev Schreiber's big screen stories but she edits what they can and cannot watch.

Discussing her role in blockbuster 'King Kong', she said: "There are pictures in the house of Mommy in a big gorilla's arms. What child wouldn't want to know about that? But very quickly into the trailer, my little one starts going, 'Gasp!' because he sees Mommy in trouble. And there you have it. There really are no advantages to showing your kids your work."

And Naomi has never let her role as a parent influence the type of parts she accepts.

She explained: "I've been in violent films, I've been in provocative films and incredibly weird, twisted films. Now that I have kids, do I want to do cookie-cutter sweet? No. I'm authentically who I am. Your taste is your taste, and you connect with that. Even though I've tried a bit more comedy lately, I'll always come back to that (intense) kind of role, because I think it's fun and juicy and different."

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