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Naomi Campbell wants kids

Naomi Campbell wants kids

Naomi Campbell wants to have children.

The 45-year-old supermodel - who is currently single - thinks she would be a "good mother" but is unsure "which way" she will have a family of her own.

She said: "I'm not saying I won't have children. I could have children. I just don't know which way I'll have children. But I think I'll have children, everyone thinks I'll be a good mother."

However, Naomi insists she isn't ready to have kids just yet.

She said: "I'll just do it when I'm ready. I'm not rushing to anyone's drumbeat, I'm going to my own."

Though she is open to finding love, Naomi - who was raised by her single mother Valerie - is happy to bring up children alone.

She told the Sunday Times magazine: "Absolutely. Totally. That's not been a fear of mine. As I said, it's just timing, grounding, information.

"Where are you living? Where are you raising?"

Despite her jet-setting lifestyle, the London-born star would want to "come home" to raise her family.

Naomi's mum is keen to be a grandmother but won't pressure her daughter.

She said: "I don't want to force it."