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Naomi Campbell: I'm 'in lust'

Naomi Campbell: I'm 'in lust'

Naomi Campbell is "in lust".

The 46-year-old beauty - who split from Vladislav Doronin in 2013 after five years of dating - insists she doesn't "discriminate" or have a particular type when it comes to her perfect man.

She said: "Single? Let's say I'm in lust. When it comes to men, I don't discriminate."

Naomi is currently trying to give up smoking and is finding it tough.

She told GQ magazine: "I make [green juice] daily. Mango, papaya, green stuff, balance powder, acai berry and protein - because I'm trying to give up smoking.

"I went to see someone called the Mad Russian or was it the Fat Russian? Anyway, some guy in Boston who talked to me for 32 minutes and hey presto. It's hard to give up anything on your own but smoking is worse than drink and I should know."

Naomi recently laughed off claims she is dating her friend Idris Elba.

She said: "I don't know why [people thought we were dating]. Because I've known Idris for like for 10 to 15 years, 15 years. And when he takes a picture of me on my fashion events for my charity, no problem there. All of a sudden, bing-bam-boom, we're a couple. It's craziness. I mean we are very good friends. I trust him. We have a great friendship.

"I mean, I've never had the press push me to be with someone and it's so wrong. I love him as a friend dearly. I always will. So that part they got right but they got it in all the wrong context."