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Myleene Klass bitten 73 times while filming Singing In The Rain

Myleene Klass bitten 73 times while filming Singing In The Rain

Myleene Klass was bitten more than 73 times by insects while filming for the new show 'Singing In The Rainforest.'

The 37-year-old star, who came second on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' in 2006, was left disorientated after she was attacked by creepy crawlies while recording a track with a tribe called the Ulithians on the remote island of Mogmog in Micronesia for the new television series.

She told The Sun newspaper: "Every morning the children of the island would count my bites. We got up to 73.

"If you're trying to write a piece of music, it's very hard if you're disorientated, completely out of your comfort zone and have 73 bites on you."

She added: "Between takes I'd just lie in the sea and the children just stared at my bites."

But it wasn't just the insects bothering Myleene, who was six flights and two boat rides away from the UK, as exhaustion also set in and she became a "sobbing wreck" on a piano.

She explained: "I had no sleep. I slept on a beach for two hours, then cried all over the chief."

However, as time went on, the former Hear'Say singer bonded with the tribe and even moved some of them to tears when they first heard her play on the piano.

She said of their response: "Clapping is universal and there were even tears of joy. It was a huge relief all around. I ended up giving piano lessons to half the island's children."

'Singing In The Rainforest', which sees celebrities record music with the tribe, will air tonight (14.09.15) at 9pm.