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Mukai Noiri fired from The Apprentice

Mukai Noiri fired from The Apprentice

Mukai Noiri has been fired from 'The Apprentice'.

The 35-year-old digital marketing manager has become the fourth contestant to be given the boot by big boss Lord Sugar as the tycoon didn't believe he had what it takes to be his future business partner after his team Nebula failed to pull in the most sales.

Speaking to the fashion expert in the boardroom following their heated debate, Lord Sugar said: "Mukai, you're well-travelled, you've been around the world and you've lived in six continents. I feel when you talk to me, it's as if I'm listening to a consultant dishing out advice but never actually doing anything themselves. I don't think you have the potential of being my business partner. Mukai, you're fired."

Mukai - who was made the leader of the sub team - started off the task full of confidence when he found out they were going to the flash department stall Liberty of London to introduce a new product line to promote and sell in the store.

The intelligent hunk went in all guns blazing and persuaded his Project Manager, Grainne McCoy, to stick with his idea of selling expensive leather handbags, while the other team Titan - led by Sofiane Khelfa - opted for well-known cat scarves.

However, it wasn't just about producing and selling their pieces as they also had to receive high marks on their personal shopping experience.

Although Mukai was happy to throw himself into the producing section of the task, he took a backseat when it came to Sales Day, which led to his team pulling in £4,370.99.

Team Titan, on the other hand, didn't do much better when it came to the overall experience but did manage to cash in an impressive amount of £5,259.38.

Once Nebula learnt they were the losing team, Grainne decided to bring Mukai and Karthik Nagesan back into the boardroom to face the billionaire businessman.

Lord Sugar told Grainne: "Grainne, in this particular task, you were the project manager, you put yourself forward as somebody that knows about retail. The big mistake was that you went with these handbags and you were influenced by other people."