May 28th, 2016
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ShowbizBy Amanda Brunker
'I'd kill my daughter if she got married at 22 just like me...but then again, my mum probably should have stopped me from marrying Bono'

ALI HEWSON seems to defy all the odds. She drinks. She falls asleep with her make-up on. Her old man is a rockstar who drags her halfway around the world to party and then he sends her back home to organise the school run.

Yet at the age of - shock-horror - 50, she still looks hotter than most 20-year-olds. So what's her secret - Botox right?


Depressingly, the answer is no. And that's not just one of those fake dismissals. The woman is all natural and I should know - it's more than I can claim myself! Nor has she had a facelift or any cosmetic surgery at all.

In her own words: "I was blessed with good genes and I also started my own line of natural skincare, NUDE, which has the latest science - that helps a little," she chuckles.

Yes, as a woman who lives by the sea and can travel more air-miles in a month than most people would do in a decade, it's no wonder she hasn't turned into a wrinkled auld prune or had as many tucks as Joan Rivers!

JET SETTERS: Bono, Ali and daughters Jordan and Eve in Saint Tropez
But with a mantra "Champagne at the weekends is OK", once she eats well, drinks loads of water and spends most of the week running after her young sons, while keeping a close eye on her now maturing daughters Jordan and Eve, Ms Stewart, aka Mrs Hewson, seems to have found the fountain of youth.

She happily teases: "Listen, I look after myself, but I often fall into bed with my make-up on. It's sometimes great to get two days out of your make-up I find!

"It's crazy to think that if I didn't have the two boys my family would have been all grown up. It's hard to believe Jordan is 22 now. I mean I was 22 when I got married. I'd kill her if she tried to get married - then again, my mother probably should have stopped me getting married, too.

"I'm really busy here at the moment with the start of the first NUDE skincare treatments at VEDAS in Dun Laoghaire, which I'm really excited about because so far it's only been available in New York and London.

BIG WINNERS: Bono and Ali enjoy a day at the races
"But I'm also here until the boys finish school and then I'll catch up with the U2 tour, the old tour that is only happening now because of Bono's bad back.


"I'm looking forward to catching up with the tour before it finishes at the end of July.Then we'll spend most of the summer putting the family back together again."

Curious as to why there was no sign of Bono and the lads at Monday's College Green gig for President Obama, Ali informed me: "He was in Denver playing his little heart out and then he had an awards show, where they won an award for Best Tour.

"Tonight he's actually performing the new Spiderman single on American Idol."

The Spiderman Musical - Turn Off the Dark - has been plagued with controversy since it first previewed at the legendary Foxwoods Theatre over a year ago.

I was lucky enough to get to see the lifelong rock musical vision of Bono and The Edge myself in New York in March, and despite dozens of accidents and several scathing reviews it is a spectacular show.

A proud Ali agrees: "It's amazing. They've restructured it now and there's standing ovations every night. It's so beautiful and so spectacular and the music is so great, they just had to get the story to flow."

As an activist who has protested with Greenpeace against Sellafield, a champion of Fair Trade in Third World Nations and someone who seeks the abolition of sweat shops and child labour, I wanted to find out if she had any political feelings towards Obama's visit and that of the Queen of England.

As Ali is not a person who enjoys giving interviews and prefers to leave all the talking, especially the political chat, to her hubby, she cautiously thought for a moment before adding: "It's great to deal with the past and see the future in the same week..."

She then nods wisely, as if to say, that's your lot, and teases: "You better not quote me wrong on that. No more wine for you tonight!"

BUSINESS: Ali shows Bono the EDUN fashion range
Although we talked about many of the "brick walls" she's faced with her fashion label EDUN (NUDE spelt in reverse) she had many wise words to share to encourage others in business to stay focused during these difficult times.

"There have been lots of brick walls, lots of obstacles and lots of problems. I've found that about business, it's all about problem solving and you just have to stay the course.

"Business is tough and the fashion industry is particularly tough. I don't think skincare is easy either, but the beauty press have been really kind to us.

"They really like our products and our NUDE Replenishing Night Oil has won Beauty Bible's highest scoring anti-aging product EVER!

"With NUDE we put a great team together and had products that we went out and marketed. But with EDUN, we were changing
300 products twice a year. Every element, down to the threads, zips and buttons was being changed.

"For a long time we were struggling - but you just keep going."

With her second-eldest daughter Eve just back from pounding the pavements of Cannes, selling her first movie 'This Must Be The Place' with Sean Penn, Ali was as proud as punch of her talented offspring.


BIG TIME: Eve Hewson stars in new film with Sean Penn
"She's got drive. She gets that from her dad. She's got strength, she's a good girl and she's doing loads of auditions. She hasn't any more movies lined up, but she's a hard worker and she'll keep knocking on doors.

"Gavin Friday was also in Cannes as he has two songs in the movie. Gavin is her Godfather so she was chuffed that he was a part of her first movie. It's lovely for her."

If you want amazing skin like Ali's check out the NUDE range of intense facials which start from €95 and are available only from VEDAS beauty salon on 19 Lower George's Street, Dun Laoghaire.

For more details log on to or Tel: 01-2140222