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Mischa Barton locked in new legal battle with mother

Mischa Barton locked in new legal battle with mother

Mischa Barton is locked in another bitter legal battle with her estranged mother - a year after suing her for fraud.

The 30-year-old actress has accused Nuala Barton, who was also her manager, for delaying the planned sale of the mansion they jointly own in Beverly Hills, California, by locking her out of the property and refusing access to potential buyers.

According to the legal documents, obtained by MailOnline, Nuala also refused to work with famed estate agent Josh Altman, who was appointed to sell the seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom property, as well as rejecting a $7 million offer - $2 million less than the asking price - they'd received.

However, Nuala has rubbished the allegations filed by her daughter and believes the former 'O.C' star is the one to blame for the delay of the house sale.

Nuala believes she's "done everything in her power" to score the "highest possible" price for the mansion and had agreed a sale of $7.45 recently but Mischa's alleged reluctance held up the deal and the offer has since been slashed in price, although the sale is expected to go through this month.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time Mischa has taken legal action against her mother as she also attempted to sue her last year for allegedly stealing her money.

Mischa also claimed her mother had given herself co-ownership of her Beverly Hills mansion - the focal point of the recent case - without her knowledge or permission.

She also accused Nuala of taking out huge loans against the house behind her back.

The case was dismissed in February under the conditions Nuala would sell the home with Mr. Altman as the agent.