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Miranda Kerr 'so proud' of Flynn

Miranda Kerr 'so proud' of Flynn

Miranda Kerr is a very "proud mother".

The 31-year-old model is delighted four-year-old Flynn - her only child with ex-husband Orlando Bloom - is growing to be a "very good boy" with great manners and intelligence.

She said: "I'm so proud of him, he's a very good boy, he listens, he's very patient and he's quite intelligent for a little four year old. But I'm a proud mother."

Despite her busy schedule, Miranda is very much a hands-on parent and adores spending time painting and drawing with her little boy.

She said: "I like to read to him, I like to go with him on walks through nature explain to him the beauty in nature, whether it be a sunset or flowers, we appreciate life and the world...

"He loves stamps and drawing, we do a lot of arts and crafts together."

However, the Australian beauty no longer takes Flynn with her when she goes on work trips because she thinks it is important not to disrupt his routine, so relies on video calling to stay in touch when she is away.

She said: "I like to, now that he's four and in pre-school, I keep him in the country and go for a couple of days. He stays with his dad and then I come back, I found routine is very important for children so they feel safe. Very simple.

"I like him to feel always unconditional love and even when I'm away from him I Facetime him and say, 'I'm always with you in your heart.' "

And Miranda has been teaching Flynn Japanese and French because she hopes he will share her passions in the future.

Speaking on Japanese TV programme 'Skkiri', she said: "I teach him Japanese and French, because I really love the Japanese culture, it's close to my heart. I feel as he gets older maybe he will have the same feeling like me.

"I love Japanese people, they're very sensitive like me, very kind and polite. I always feel very at home here."