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Miley Cyrus: Share the goods, Leo!

Miley Cyrus: Share the goods, Leo!

Miley Cyrus found it weird that Leonardo DiCaprio didn't share his vape pen with her.

The Climb singer sat near the A-list actor during the recording of Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary Special in February (15). Leo was puffing away on a vape pen but didn't extend an offer for the 22-year-old to join him.

"I was 20 feet, 15 feet from Leonardo DiCaprio, sitting there with his mom," she recalled during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's talk show. "He was hitting a vape pen. But it wasn’t him that was making me kinda nervous - I was feeling this emotion because there’s an etiquacy (sic) of, when we're there, that you pass that s**t, Leo! And he never did, so that was weird to me."

The former Disney star has never been afraid of speaking her mind, and during her time on the show she also mocked fellow musician Kanye West.

Miley also attended Saturday Night Live's after-party but told the chat show host that she was the only female and the youngest attendee by far.

"I was the only chick [and] the only one that wasn’t old," she laughed. "Besides Kanye but I mean even Kanye’s kinda old compared to me! But he's about to be our future president, so I shouldn't say too much."

The Yeezus rapper surprised the world during the MTV Video Music Awards in August (15) by announcing his desire to run for office while accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Miley is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend (04-05Oct15), as well as perform.

Rumours are circulating that her appearance is in preparation for releasing more new music.

"There’s no way RCA (record label) will promote her appearance without having new music from them,” a source told Page Six. “She must be releasing new material.”

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