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Mila Kunis has 'great' sex

Mila Kunis has 'great' sex

Mila Kunis has "great" sex with Ashton Kutcher.

The 32-year-old actress - who has 19-month-old daughter Wyatt with her spouse - was left mortified when, after admitting she would like another child, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres asked her if she was currently "trying" for a baby.

She replied: "Like am I having sex, Ellen?"

The presenter said: "Yeah, are you having sex? That's my question. I want to know how often you're having sex."

Mila blushed and said: "I mean, yes."

She then asked her 'Bad Moms' co-star Kristen Bell - who has daughters Lincoln, three, and Delta, 17 months, with husband Dax Shepard - to change the subject, but her friend refused.

Instead she asked: "How's the sex?"

Ellen added: "That's a great question. I imagine it's good."

Mila took the question in good spirits and laughed as she said: "Yeah. It's great."

The two actresses then received a surprise as Ellen showed a video message from their husbands, who wished them a Happy Mother's Day.

In the clip, Ashton, 38, said: "Happy Mother's Day! We put babies in you and then they came out and now they're in the world!"

Dax added: "Thanks for being good earners too."

The 'Two and a Half Men' star then said: "Yeah we're supposed to be watching those kids right now but we're not..."

Dax concluded: "We're wishing you a happy mother's day and letting someone else watch them."

And there was a further shock in store as the two men then stepped out into the studio with bouquets of flowers for their wives.

However, Kristen, 35, didn't get to enjoy hers for long as her 41-year-old husband reclaimed it in order to hand single flowers out to women in the studio audience.

The quartet then joined the talk show host in a game of 'Never Have We Ever' - where Ellen read a statement and they had to raise a paddle in agreement or disagreement - where revelations included both couples admitting to "hooking up" on set but never visiting nudist beaches.

And a question on whether they had waxed one another's body parts led to Mila admitting she needed Ashton's help to "groom" her before she went into labour.

She said: "He groomed me when I was pregnant, right before I went to hospital."

Asked whether they had "fallen asleep while making love", Kristen put up 'We have' but sheepishly turned her paddle around to match her spouse's before he noticed.