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Miguel's tattoos are mementos

Miguel's tattoos are mementos

Miguel has admitted all of his tattoos tell a story.

The 'Coffee' hitmaker, who is covered in ink, has revealed all of his etchings have a secret meaning and his favourite design is an inspiring quote by Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

Asked by BANG Showbiz if his tattoos have meaning, he said: "Of course there is a story behind each one of them, they are like mementos you know."

He added: "My favourite one is one which means excellence is not an act it's a habit, which is Aristotle and I truly believe that our actions are perpetuated in consistency. To be excellent we have to be excellent consistently."

The 29-year-old rapper - who is often compared to Prince - has earned his sex symbol status due to his raunchy songs and videos but he has admitted he's happy to be seen as a heartthrob as sensuality is an important part of music.

He said: "I guess I embody a few things man and that's part of my personality so I am not mad at it being a part of it. There is a lot more to be discovered I suppose."