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Mick Jagger's fashion faux pas

Mick Jagger's fashion faux pas

Mick Jagger "flinches" when he looks back at the outfits he's worn over the years.

The 72-year-old musician has worn his fair share of bizarre outfits over his years as lead vocalist for the rock band and admits "nearly all of them" make him feel embarrassed.

He said: "Do any of my outfits make me flinch when I look back? Ha. Nearly all of them. To be honest, they can still make me flinch when I think about what I'm going to wear at the next gig, but when you get out there on stage it's a bit different."

And Mick thinks displaying them for 'Exhibtionism' - a Rolling Stones exhibition opening in the Saatchi Gallery in London later this month - makes it even worse because the "impression" they created on stage was very different than they will in a dark room.

He added to The Telegraph newspaper: "It's very hard to do clothes in an exhibition like this because they are actually supposed to be worn. You can have a very garish look, but in front of 50,000 people in the daylight of summer on a moving person, the impression it creates is very different from having 20 of them lined up in a confined space in a dark room.

"When clothes don't have movement, they all look a bit wonky, but that's the fun of it. If they all looked immaculately elegant and in wonderful good taste, it would be boring. I mean some of them are in hideous taste, but that makes them funnier to me. Some of the time you are playing this for a laugh.

"In the Seventies, it got to be very outlandish. We've got quite a lot of Ossie Clark jumpsuits. My daughters have borrowed them over the years and I think the curators had trouble getting them back, but Ossie made me loads. We were quite wealthy in jumpsuits."