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Michelle Monaghan gets 'butterflies' at The Wonder Years theme tune

Michelle Monaghan gets 'butterflies' at The Wonder Years theme tune

Michelle Monaghan gets "butterflies" when she hears 'The Wonder Years' theme tune.

The 40-year-old American actress has admitted she is "still" overcome with a wave of excitement when she hears the song 'With a Little Help From My Friends', which introduced the popular nineties American series, and has admitted she used to really relate to the show.

Speaking about her favourite programme when she was a child to Net-A-Porter's digital magazine, The EDIT, the brunette beauty said: "'The Wonder Years.' It really spoke to me; I thought I was Winnie. I still get butterflies thinking of the theme tune."

And Michelle has revealed she is gripped by 'Homeland', which leaved her teetering on the edge of her chair after watching an episode.

She explained: "'Homeland' leaves me on the edge of my seat and 'Veep' is so smart; Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a queen.

"TV is the equivalent of independent filmmaking. You can take more risks because you don't have to placate so many people, and it airs material [film] studios won't touch."

"'Sex and the City' was empowering: it made executives take notice of the female audience. Seeing those women in charge of their career and sex lives was groundbreaking."

The 'True Detective' star - who played the female lead role as Maggie Hart in the first season of the crime drama, which saw her nominated for the Best Supporting Actress for a Series, Miniseries or Television Film at the Golden Globe Awards in 2014 - has revealed when she is auditioning for a new project she looks for a "flaw" in the character, which she can make "really human".

She explained: "I look for a flaw; a window into someone that I can make really human. I don't know any perfect women - and if I did I wouldn't hang out with them. I'm also very conscious of gratuitous violence towards women."