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Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright argue over remote

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Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright argue over remote

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright argue over the television remote.

The 'Our Girl' actress - who married the former reality TV star last year - can't help but squabble with the hunky presenter over what to watch on the small screen in the evenings.

Speaking to the, she said: "Yes [we do argue over the remote], because I love watching cookery programmes, but Mark says they're depressing. I love watching people cook; he says it reminds him of being at school. You know on a Sunday night and you've got school the next day? That's how it feels for him.

"But I like 'Come Dine With Me' and shows where I can learn new recipes. I do watch TV with Mark, especially if we've got downtime at the weekend. But we've got two screens and he's normally in the living room watching football and I'm in the kitchen cooking."

However, although she enjoys slumping on the sofa in the evenings to watch her favourite cookery shows, the 29-year-old beauty can't help but cringe when she watches herself on screen.

She explained: "Well I can't watch interviews with myself, I get embarrassed, but when I'm in character it doesn't feel like I'm watching me. It's weird. I watched 'Ordinary Lies' [in 2015] on my own when it came out because it was the first thing I'd done since 'Coronation Street', so I didn't know how people would react."