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Michelle Heaton feels upbeat despite tough times

Michelle Heaton feels upbeat despite tough times

Michelle Heaton is feeling really positive despite having to deal with the menopause and undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

The former Liberty X star underwent a complete hysterectomy and ovariectomy to reduce her risk of developing ovarian cancer in 2015, but has revealed she is feeling positive after the tough times she has recently experienced.

She shared: "I'm still going through the process of menopause and having hormone replacement therapy, but it's working out really well."

Michelle has also admitted to having facial fillers in a bid to boost her self-confidence and the pop star said she feels as though she's now at the perfect time in her life to undergo the procedure, saying it's not something she would have done in her 20s.

The singer explained: "I saw instant results. I'm 37 soon - it's not something I'd have done in my twenties but I'm the right age now."

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old beauty recently reunited with the rest of Liberty X - which also includes Tony Lundon, Kevin Simm, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young - for a get-together with her long-time friends, which Michelle thoroughly enjoyed.

However, she does not envision the band reuniting again on stage in the foreseeable future.

She told OK! magazine: "We had the best day; it was like a farewell do. We never say 'never' and you never know, but for now it's bye-bye Liberty X."

Michelle said it was a perfect day out for the band.

She reflected: "It was such a great finisher - we were literally drunk all day long!"