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Michael Jackson was pressured to perform extra 50 shows after This Is It concert

Michael Jackson was pressured to perform extra 50 shows after This Is It concert

Michael Jackson felt pressured to perform an "additional 50" shows after his 'This Is It' concert.

According to the musician's physician Conrad Murray - who was sentenced to four years in jail, although he served two, for the involuntary manslaughter of the King of Pop after administering a fatal dose of anesthetic Propofol in June 2009 - has admitted there was growing concern around the late 'Thriller' hitmaker's ability to give one perfect performance for his 2009 comeback shows, which was heightened when he was asked to do a total of 100 concerts and led him to overdoes on the medicine.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about what pushed the singer songwriter to take the fateful drugs, he said: "I don't think he had stage fright, but there was a lot of concern for him whether he had the ability to perform like he did to do 50 shows. They weren't just asking for 50, there was another request for an additional fifty, so a total of a 100.

"I told him to not consider it ... what I suggested was a better way just to pacify the moment because having the volition alone for this 50 was a monumental task for Michael and he tried every possible way to get away from it.

"He was trying to find anything that could give him a very reasonable method to exit."

However, Conrad - who was stripped of his medical license for his role in Michael's death - has hinted Michael felt he had no other choice but to persevere because he feared he would be left "penniless" and wouldn't be able to afford to feed his 18-year-old daughter Paris.

He explained: "But at the same time he was in total fear because if he did exit, if he pulled away, where would he be left? On the side of the road.

"He [Michael] said to me what would happen if he did not do the shows ... he said he would be penniless he would not afford the popsicles his daughter was eating. He was going to go to Skid Row, which is a derelict, downtrodden homeless, impoverished area of the already impoverished. That's where he thought Michael Jackson would end up."

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