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Michael Buble praises Meghan Trainor

Michael Buble praises Meghan Trainor

Michael Buble thinks Meghan Trainor is the "most talented 21 year old in the world".

The 41-year-old singer's new album 'Nobody But Me' features a track co-written by the 'All About that Bass' hitmaker and One Direction hunk Harry Styles, and though he didn't know the blonde beauty before they collaborated, he was blown away by her abilities.

He said: "It's the first time I've had an original song on a record that I didn't write.

"I didn't know Meghan but I'd met Harry and really liked him. They wrote a great song called 'Someday'.

"I liked it so much that I called her minutes later then met her on FaceTIme.

"Three weeks later, the most talented 21-year-old kid in the world showed up in the studio with her mom and dad. And she was wearing a teddy bear onesie that Ariana Grande had bought for her. She was awesome.

"She's just a really warm and really good girl. So talented."

Michael is impressed by how young stars such as Meghan and Harry cope with growing up in the spotlight.

He told Canada's HELLO! magazine: "I was singing in nightclubs [at 21]. It wasn't as good for me then.

"You know, I look at Harry and Meghan and just think, 'Wow they're handling fame really well.' Justin Bieber too.

"I have a lot of respect for how hard it is. The public eye is on you all the time and that light is very hot.

"Growing up is making mistakes and learning from them. The only difference is everything you do is documented closely by an adoring public. We're just human beings and we screw up at any age."

However, one young person Michael won't be turning to for musical help is his three-year-old son Noah, his eldest child with wife Luisana Lopilato.

Michael - who also has nine-month-old son Elias said: "I do not ask Noah [for advice]. Because if it was up to him, every song would be 'Spider-Man'. And we'd just fight all day. [His favourite song is] just the 'Spider-Man' theme. Constantly. Over and over again."