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Michael B. Jordan: I want to break the vicious inner city circle

Michael B. Jordan: I want to break the vicious inner city circle

Fantastic Four actor Michael B. Jordan is motivated to succeed by his desire to help inner city children.

The 28-year-old has seen his profile rise in recent years thanks to his work on the Marvel film, Fruitvale Station and comedy That Awkward Moment, among other movies, as well as the TV series The Wire. Being a good actor is obviously important to Michael, but his fame allows him to be an advocate for issues that are close to his heart, and, having grown up in a rough part of Newark, New Jersey, helping youngsters stay on the straight and narrow is top of his agenda.

"My parents did a really good job at hiding a lot; they made it seem not as bad as it probably was," he told the American edition of Elle magazine. "I'm very into the kids. That vicious circle of the inner city - being able to help break that, to dismantle that. I'm not going to have that reach unless I'm successful, so that pushes me and motivates me. I have to be successful so I can do the things that I truly care about."

Michael also wants to do well for his family, as times were tough when he was a kid. The star recalls spending many evenings in the kitchen with his parents, older sister and younger brother with the oven open because they didn't have heating, and so now he is earning a good living in Hollywood, he wants to give back to his loved ones.

"Family, that's what motivates me," he said. "Where I come from, it's this never-ending thought of getting your family into a better place. That drives me to get out of bed every morning. My dad was, like, mayor of the block, growing up."

Michael is certainly on the right path, and has made some good choices when it comes to the roles he has taken on, including upcoming movie Creed - the latest film in the Rocky franchise - but the star doesn't think he has a magic touch when it comes to scripts.

"It wasn't like, 'Okay, I have eight to choose from: Nope, not that one; not that franchise; let's see…Ah, The Wire! That's the one!'" he laughed. "I was just so happy to have the opportunity."

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