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Meryl Streep is confused between Snapchat and 'sexting'

Meryl Streep is confused between Snapchat and 'sexting'

Meryl Streep has confused Snapchat with "sexting".

The 67-year-old actress has admitted she used the app without realising what it was, because she thought the social media outlet, which allows you to send a picture to a contact for it to be erased after a few seconds, was when people send risqué text messages.

Speaking about her confusion to, the 'Mama Mia!' star said: "Somebody told me that I Snapchatted, but I don't know how to Snapchat and I thought it was the thing that you do when you're sexting sort of and then you want it to be erased."

And the 'Florence Foster Jenkins' actress - who has daughters Mamie, 33, Grace, 30, Louisa, 25, and 36-year-old son Henry with her husband Don Gummer - has revealed her family mock her speech and mannerisms "endlessly", which she doesn't enjoy.

She explained: "I laugh, but I kind of don't like it. Especially when I answer the phone and they can tell that it's [me pretending to be], like, a Jamaican operator or something, because I sort of start talking in the accent of the person I'm talking to. Oh, they're merciless."

Meanwhile Meryl has revealed she would happily reprise her role as fashion editor Miranda Priestly in a sequel to the drama film alongside Anne Hathaway, although she wouldn't star in 'Mamma Mia!' follow up.

She explained: "The heart sinks until you read the script. It's like, somebody said [they want a] 'Mamma Mia 2!' and it's just, ack! I thought, 'Gram-Mamma Mia!'? Really? No.

"It would depend on the script ... If somebody has the imagination and wit to apply and has an interesting story, yeah, sure."

And the award winning star - who received the Best Actress Academy Award for her role as Margaret Thatcher in the 2012 film 'The Iron Lady' - has admitted she never wants a biopic about her life.

She said: "I hope I fade into oblivion."