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Melissa Rivers still not 'in the healing phase' following mom Joan's death

Melissa Rivers still not 'in the healing phase' following mom Joan's death

Melissa Rivers is still not "in the healing phase" following her mother Joan's death.

The former 'Fashion Police' host died in September 2014 just days after she went in for a routine endoscopy but Melissa - who has just settled a malpractice lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy in New York - admits she is still coming to terms with her loss.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I'm not quite in the healing phase. I think it's coming. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but I am not quite there yet."

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old television personality has now put the "legal aspects of her mother's death" to bed by accepting a settlement after she alleged the doctors treating her mother at the clinic were negligent and performed unauthorised medical procedures as well as posing for a photo with the comedian.

She said in a statement released by her lawyers: "In choosing to accept this settlement, I am able to put the legal aspects of my mother's death behind me and ensure that those culpable for her death have accepted responsibility for their actions quickly and without equivocation."

Whilst her lawyers added: "We have agreed to keep the terms of the settlement confidential to make certain that the focus of this horrific incident remains on improved patient care and the legacy of Joan Rivers."

Joan tragically suffered a cardiac arrest as doctors examined her throat and vocal chords and died a week later from cerebral hypoxia, where the brain is damaged after being starved of oxygen.

Meanwhile, to mark a year since her mother passed in September, Melissa - who has son Cooper, 15, with her ex-husband John Endicott - wrote a heartfelt message to the late star.

She shared: "Today marks one year since my mother passed. This was the year of firsts: first holidays, first birthdays, first everythings without mom, without grandma.

"While it's been difficult. I've been amazed by the outpouring of love and overwhelming kindness we've received from family, friends, and people whose lives were touched by the woman they knew as Joan - a woman we all miss so very much."