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Melissa McCarthy: My daughter is wild

Melissa McCarthy: My daughter is wild

Actress Melissa McCarthy fears her eight-year-old daughter will either rule the world or destroy it, with nothing in between.

The 45-year-old star and her husband Ben Falcone are parents to two girls, Vivian and Georgette. As they’ve got older the children have started to exhibit some personality differences, which has been interesting for the Hollywood stars to see.

“The five-year-old, she's mellowing, but Georgie is a force of nature. She's trouble in a great way. Rule the world or destroy, there is no grey area,” Melissa laughed to US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

While her outgoing nature is funny to her mother, Ben has things a little harder when it comes to the tot.

“She chins Ben. She runs at him and digs her chin in like a wrestler. It hurts,” Melissa explained, with Ben interjecting: “She uses it as a weapon.”

Melissa deadpanned: “Just beware, she's out there.”

When she isn’t attempting to hurt her father, the tot has some interesting lines of questioning. For one, she enjoys chatting to her family about death.

“She told me, not too long ago, ‘You know, Daddy, someday God is gonna kill me, but guess what? I’m coming back,’” Ben giggled.

Melissa and Ben will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary next month (Oct15) and they were together for seven years before tying the knot. To honour the momentous occasion Ellen organised a quiz to test the pair on how well they know each other – which unfortunately didn’t go too well.

Melissa said Ben would use the word “chatty” to describe her, but he went for “lovely and amazing”.

He didn’t fare much better when asked who her celebrity crush is, writing “Jennifer Aniston (creepy)” on a card and then holding it up.

“I did, but then I switched it,” Melissa laughed, revealing a card which read: “Tom Hanks.”

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