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Mel Gibson would tell younger self to 'shut up'

Mel Gibson would tell younger self to 'shut up'

Mel Gibson would tell his younger self to "shut the f**k up".

The 60-year-old actor admitted he would insist upon having a positive outlook on what life brings if he could give advice to himself when he was a boy and say to "live every day to the fullest".

When asked what he would tell his younger self in a comic skit which saw Mel and 'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert lying down and looking up at the sky for the 'Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars' segment, he said: "Don't be so caught up in the little things.

"Take advantage of all the gifts the world has to offer. Live every day to the fullest,

"I'd also tell myself - my younger self - to shut the f**k up."

The 'Blood Father' actor - who has seven children with his ex-wife Robyn Moore, Hannah, 36, Christian and Edward, both 34, William, 31, Louis, 28, Milo, 26, and Thomas, 17, as well as six-year-old Luna with his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva - also admitted he has no regrets from life.

When asked if she wishes he'd done something differently in his life, he added: "No. No, not one [regret]. [Because] they tend to come in clusters."

The star was the subject of controversy in 2006 when he was arrested by a policeman in Malibu for drunk driving, and was subsequently filmed giving an anti-Semitic rant.

He also landed himself in trouble in 2010 when his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva claimed the 'What Women Want' actor had punched her and broke her teeth.

She then released secretly recorded audio in which Mel allegedly went on another racially-charged tirade.

But Mel revealed last month he has been sober for 10 years.

Speaking about Alcoholics Anonymous, he said: "I am a member of (the) 12-step program and I achieved sobriety like that. I've got 10 years of sobriety under my belt.

"I had other lengths before that like eight years one time, fall off, four years, it's like that, like through a revolving door."