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Mel C's tattoo regret

Mel C's tattoo regret

Mel C regrets her tattoos.

The 42-year-old singer had a number of inkings during her time with the Spice Girls and admits she wishes she'd thought about her appearance in the future when she had them done.

Asked her biggest regret, she said: "When I was young, I didn't think too much about the future - I was very much in the present.

"But fashion choices change and maybe I would have made different choices with my tattoos."

And Mel has already warned her young daughter, seven-year-old Scarlet - who she has with ex-partner Thomas Starr - about the pitfalls of getting inked.

She added: "I've already told Scarlet she isn't getting any [tattoos]."

The 'Northern Star' singer is very close to her daughter and considers her her best friend.

Asked who her best friend is, she said: "At this point, my little girl, Scarlet - she's such good company. We have some good girly chats...

"Often my work takes me away and I've never missed anybody physically before but I ache to cuddle her when we're apart."

After leaving the Spice Girls, Mel underwent a dramatic change of image with a short blonde crop and though she loved the style, it was very difficult to grow out afterwards.

She said: "I loved it when I went solo and had short, spiky hair, but it went through a difficult stage when I was growing it out. I should have invested in extensions."

The 'Stop' singer also confessed one of the Spice Girls once relieved themselves in a plant pot while on a promotional tour of Japan - but insists it wasn't her.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "The Spice Girls were in Japan doing promotional work once and there was nowhere to wee so an unnamed girl did it in a plant pot. It wasn't me!"