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Mel C rejected Spice Girls for daughter

Mel C rejected Spice Girls for daughter

Mel C rejected the Spice Girls reunion to concentrate on her daughter.

The 42-year-old star followed in Victoria Beckham's footsteps by turning down the chance to join forces with Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Mel B for the 'Wannabe' hitmakers' 20th anniversary comeback, and now admits it was because of seven-year-old Scarlet.

She said: "I had to think about myself and the most important thing in my life, which is being a mother to my little girl. I had to be present for her.

"It was a hard decision, not only letting down the girls but all the fans who want it to happen.

"But we're four individuals, we've gone on to have separate lives and careers and want different things.

"We always said we had to be comfortable but lots of people were getting involved and I wasn't comfortable with the direction that it was taking."

While the singer loves her bandmates like sisters, she isn't happy with how some of them "behave" at times and doesn't know why Mel B, 41, recently unfollowed her on Twitter.

She added to The Sun newspaper: "Things were tough between me and Mel. The unfollowing thing, I know Mel and she's hot-headed.

"I'd never done anything to upset her specifically, so I don't know why she did it.

"But we've built bridges and we're absolutely fine and friends.

"And she's apologised to me for anything that happened way back 20 years ago.

"Sometimes I'm not very happy with the way some of them behave but if any of them ever needed me I'm there for them and they're there for me."

In June, it was reported Mel B had unfollowed Mel C on both Twitter and Instagram.

Earlier this month, Mel C admitted 44-year-old Geri's pregnancy announcement made the group think about what is "really important" in life.

She said: "Thank God Geri is pregnant because it's made us go, 'Oh my god, this is what's really important'.

"Let's face it, we are all in our 40s, we are all mothers, we all have partners, we all have careers.

"Of course it's been awkward - relationships have their ups and downs.

"I haven't spoken to Melanie for a while though. It's not that I'm not speaking to her but I haven't spoken to her for a long time."