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Mel B: We're still 'figuring out' a Spice Girls reunion

Mel B: We're still 'figuring out' a Spice Girls reunion

Mel B says the Spice Girls are still "figuring out" a reunion tour.

The 40-year-old singer has insisted the group - which includes Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Geri Horner - are keen to "make sure something happens" for their 20th anniversary next year but nothing is set in stone yet.

Asked about the chance of a reunion, she said: "Potentially, yeah. Once we sort everything out we make an announcement, but right now we're just figuring it all out. Next year is your 20 anniversary so we're really just trying to make sure something happens.

"We're figuring stuff out. As soon as we figure it out we'll tell every detail, but until then there's not much to say. It's like when you're dating somebody and everyone is forcing you to get married. It's like, 'We're getting married! Just give us a second to figure it out!'"

And the 'Wannabe' hitmaker promises it'll be great fun if the group do reunite.

She added to Billboard magazine: "I remember things like it was yesterday and we're still really good friends, but it definitely still feels like we've done stuff a long time ago because music has changed so much.

"But we had so much fun and we did the Olympics a few years ago. We're going to have fun if everything works out - which hopefully it will - for next year."