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Mel B: 'Victoria can be a bit of a bitch'

Mel B: 'Victoria can be a bit of a bitch'

Mel B says Victoria Beckham can be "a bit of a bitch".

While Mel praised fashion designer Victoria - who is married to soccer star David Beckham - as down to earth, she admitted her Spice Girls bandmate can sometimes be bitchy.

Speaking on the 'Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss' podcast, she said: "She's very down to earth. She's just a little bit of a bitch to people. But she has a great sense of humour [and all of the Spice Girls, herself included] can be bitches at some point."

Mel also praised Victoria as a hard worker and insisted that she and David deserve all of the success they have had.

She said: "They've worked so hard for it. Victoria and her fashion line: She eats, lives and breathes it. They deserve a lifestyle like that."

Meanwhile, Mel revealed that the Spice Girls have been talking about a reunion and she feels like it is getting "closer and closer".

She said: "It's a never-ending question. The thing is we are in talks with each other, closely about this reunion. So until there's something official to say there's no point in saying anything. Until there's tour dates to announce, tour dates, then there's point in talking about it until it actually happens. I do feel it's getting closer and closer."