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Meghan Trainor's daily struggle

Meghan Trainor's daily struggle

Meghan Trainor struggles with body confidence "every day".

The 'All About That Bass' hitmaker admits she finds it hard to appreciate her curves but has learnt to accept herself for who she is as her career grows.

She told the Huffington Post newspaper: "I struggle with body confidence every day, so does everyone. I'm getting better at it as I continue to grow in my career.

"You are not alone. Everyone struggles with something, and it's important to always surround yourself with the love and support of friends and family. Have patience. Everything gets better with time."

And the 21-year-old beauty previously insisted high school was the worst time for her as she struggled to appreciate the way she looked.

She said: "I think it's good to have someone with a regular average body on the pop charts. It's about loving what you got and rocking it.

"It was pretty serious [at high school]. I would sit in class feeling uncomfortable. I regret a lot of those moments and those thoughts that I had in my head. I grew up a chubby girl. I wasn't outspoken about it and I didn't approach my parents. I should've known how cute I was, and been a lot happier. Now, with my songs, I just hope I'm reaching out to those young girls who are also sitting there, miserable with their body."