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Meghan Trainor: Online comments can be hurtful

Meghan Trainor: Online comments can be hurtful

Meghan Trainor was called a "fat whale" after winning her Grammy.

The 'Lips Are Moving' hitmaker came across all kinds of nasty messages on her Twitter account after she picked up the prize for Best New Artist at the prestigious awards ceremony last month and admits she particularly found reading people's fat-shaming comments "hurtful".

She said: "I woke up after the Grammys to messages saying: 'You fat whale, that award should have gone to Tori Kelly, give it back'. These people can be ruthless. I try not to read online comments as they can be really hurtful."

Asked if she suffers from insecurity, the blonde beauty added: "All the time."

Meanwhile, talking about a time when she went to try on a coat in a shop and could just about fit into the extra large sized garment, she admitted moments like that can make her feel "p****d" off and upset.

She explained: "I went into a store recently to buy a winter jacket, and the only size I could get into was an XL. Even that barely fit. People always tell me: 'You're not even that big' But moments like that can sting. I left the shop feeling sad and p****d off."

However, the 22-year-old singer isn't going to go on a diet just to please other people, as well as, not approving of body modifications including tattoos.

She explained to The Sun newspaper's Fabulous magazine: "I don't get the whole massive lips thing. I don't like the idea of plastic surgery - you're cutting into your face. We don't even do tattoos in my family. I know my body will sag and I don't want tattoos i've paid for to end up as an ugly blob."