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Meghan Trainor 'faked it'

Meghan Trainor 'faked it'

Meghan Trainor had to "fake it" through the first year of her career.

The 22-year-old singer admitted she was "terrified" when filming the video for her 2014 debut single 'All About That Bass' because she had "no idea" what she was doing.

She said: "That first thing I ever did was the music video for ['All About That] Bass' and I had no management, I had no glam team, I was terrified - I just remember eight hands were all over me shoving me into these outfits and they were like 'GO!' And I was just faking it! A lot of my first year was fake it till you make it. I had no idea what was doing."

While the track discusses positive body image, Meghan admits it didn't reflect her mindset when she wrote it, but she penned the track to help improve her way of thinking and to try and overcome her insecurities.

She told the new issue of Notion magazine: "I wrote that song, and I did not feel that way while writing it. It was more like, 'I WISH I felt like this'. A lot of my songs were like that, 'I wish I felt like this'.

"I was so insecure when I was younger; we would go the grocery store and my mum, and I would see the magazines that on display while you wait to purchase all your food, and I'd be like, 'Ma is that real? How does she look that perfect?' "

The 'No' singer has changed a lot since those days as she now adores taking part in photoshoots, whereas she used to be too insecure to even take a photo of herself or have confidence that she had what it took to perform on stage.

She reflected: "Man, I was at a place before where I didn't want to take a picture of myself you know? I was just too insecure to think that I was pretty enough to be the artist, or that I could perform live or do photoshoots and now I can't wait for the next photoshoot so I can Instagram a cool pic!

"I Instagrammed a selfie today because I was like dang, I look beautiful!"