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Matthew Perry wants to work with Courteney Cox again

Matthew Perry wants to work with Courteney Cox again

Matthew Perry wants Courteney Cox to make a cameo in his sitcom 'The Odd Couple'.

The 46-year-old actor wants to persuade the 51-year-old actress - who he worked alongside for 10 years on 'Friends' - to join the American comedy for a one-off appearance in the next series, but his co-star Thomas Lennon isn't convinced.

Speaking at the Facebook Head Office, the duo were asked during a fan Q&A if they want the brunette beauty to make a cameo in the show in the near future, to which Thomas hit back: "No, no, hard no! We disagree with this!"

But Matthew - who is co-creator - was more open to the idea and said: "Would [I]consider Courteney Cox guest-starring? Yes I would, we would love to have her on the show."

And Courteney isn't the only star Matthew is keen to make a cameo appearance as he also has his eye on Michel Keaton and Woody Allen but he doesn't think they'll ever agree to it.

Asked who else he would like to see make a guest-appearance, he said: "There are many [people on the show] but the odds that they would actually come on the show are very slim.

"Like I'd love to have Woody Allen, but he's really not looking for a guest-slot on a show. Michael Keaton, Bill Murray, Batman, I would like to have on."

However, Matthew's chances of getting Bruce Willis - who he worked with on 'The Whole Nine Yards' 15 years ago - on the show have undoubtedly now shot up after he referred to him as the "best actor" he's ever worked with.

He said: "Bruce Willis [is the best actor I've worked with]... I think they're looking for something like Dame Judi Dench."