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Matthew Perry flashed partygoers

Matthew Perry flashed partygoers

Matthew Perry accidentally flashed beach partygoers.

The 'Friends' star was walking along the sand when a surprise wave took him from his feet.

He recalled: "Well, I was walking along the beach one day and I saw a party was happening over the beach, like one of those beach houses and it had a big patio and a big party was happening.

"And I was walking underneath the party and a wave came and sort of swept me ashore and swept me off my feet and just threw me into the beach underneath this party and I was given about 15 seconds to compose myself, to get myself together, before wave number two came.

"And I didn't get it done in time and the wave again hit me directly into the shore and by this time, the party has totally stopped and everybody's just staring at me.

"So I decided for wave number three - I've seen people do this in movies - I was going to dive under the wave and I went to dive under and I mistimed it and my shorts came off. I was naked."

The embarrassing event happened during the 45-year-old actor's 10-year stint as Chandler Bing in the popular TV series and he admitted it has since made him less of a "beach guy".

Speaking on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', he added: "This is right bang in the middle of Friends, 'Why is naked Chandler in front of our house?' There was no part of it I enjoyed...

"I'm an alright traveller; I don't really travel that often. I'm not a beach guy. I've had some bad experiences."