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Matt LeBlanc knows 'every word' to Rihanna songs

Matt LeBlanc knows 'every word' to Rihanna songs

Matt LeBlanc knows "every word" to Rihanna's songs.

The 'Episodes' actor loves spending time with his 11-year-old daughter Marina - who he has with ex-wife Melissa McKnight - and has got to know all the lyrics to the 'Rude Boy' hitmaker's songs as the youngster is her biggest fan.

He said: "I love it when I'm with my daughter. We make bacon and eggs and sit and talk over how she slept, what she dreamed about, what we should do that day.

"I'm clinging on to those moments because I'm not Rihanna so she won't want to hang out for much longer.

"Is she a Rihanna fan? Oh my God, I know every word to every song. Please don't stop the music..."

Matt has stayed close with his ex-wife Melissa and recently called her to apologise for a forthcoming scene in 'Episodes' in which his character - an exaggerated version of himself - brands his former spouse a "****".

He told Grazia magazine: "There's a few swears you use in the UK that we don't, like the C-word.

"Before [the scene] aired, I called my actual ex-wife and said, 'Hey, there's this joke that's part of the show where I call you this and I just want you to know it's not a shot at you. I don't want you to be surprised by it when you see it.'

"And she said, 'I don't watch your show'. I was like, 'Ah, good to know.' "