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Matt LeBlanc buys 'ridiculous' things

Matt LeBlanc buys 'ridiculous' things

Matt LeBlanc once bought himself a bulldozer.

The 47-year-old actor plays an exaggerated version of himself in 'Episodes' and admits his character's extravagant spending habits are based on his own "ridiculous" past purchases.

He said: "I've bought some ridiculous things. I bought a purple crushed velvet couch one time, but I liked it.

"I bought a Ferrari, which was a lot of fun, but ridiculous.

"I bought a bulldozer - that's practical. I needed a bulldozer. Maybe I didn't need one as big though..."

While Matt initially had reservations about starring in the show when he was approached by 'Friends' creators David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, he embraces playing a version of himself, though the writers won't let him use many of his own experiences in the programme.

He said: "My only reservation was playing myself but they explained it was a fictitious version of me... so said, 'Let's do it.'

"Now it's me who pitches ideas that have actually happened, and they're like, 'No we're not going to have you do that. Don't tell anybody about that, go to church.' "

And the former 'Friends' star finds it funny when people don't recognise characters that are based on themselves.

He told Britain's Grazia magazine: "All the Hollywood characters you see are from experiences David and Jeffrey have had.

"It's funny to hear people say, 'I know who that's supposed to be' when I know it's actually based on them."