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Matt Healy: I can't be friends with women

Matt Healy: I can't be friends with women

Matt Healy can't have "platonic" relationships with women

The 1975 frontman always likes to be close to females, but struggles to build a friendship without romantic feelings getting in the way.

He said: "I think I've always really struggled to have platonic relationships with women. Because once I get close to women I'm... I don't know, it gets really complicated for me. And it doesn't even have to be based on attractiveness - it's once I get close to somebody. I find it really confusing with women."

While he can't have platonic relationships with women, Matt - whose parents are actors Tim Healy and Denise Welch - finds it important to be surrounded by females and grew up "obsessed" with his mother's friends.

He added: "I've always really wanted women around, I've always trusted women.

"I was always obsessed by my mum's friends. I'm not necessarily a mummy's boy, but I've always been comforted by the women in my life."

The handsome singer doesn't mind that his group have a huge female fanbase because he thinks it is "nice" and has a "divine" fascination with women.

He told Q magazine: "It was never important for us to be a band that young girls like. But I always thought that I love girlie things, I love teen movies, I love the music that is imbued with that. So I'm not surprised we make music for women because it's very lush and nice, isn't it?

"But I've always been fascinated by women, in this divine sense. Women pull me closer to God than anything else. But you can't say something like that without sounding like a sleazy d**k."