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Matt and Emma Willis to renew wedding vows

Matt and Emma Willis to renew wedding vows

Matt and Emma Willis are to renew their wedding vows for their upcoming 10th anniversary.

The Busted bassist and the television presenter tied the knot in 2008 after three years of dating, and as their milestone anniversary approaches next year, the pair are looking to renew their vows in a "wedding party" that will see their friends dress up in their own old wedding attire.

Emma, 40, told The Sun newspaper: "I want to go back to where we got married, renew our vows and have a wedding party where everybody that attends who is, or has been, married, wears whatever they got married in.

"Brides never get to wear their wedding dresses again, so all brides get to wear their wedding dress. If you've not been married but you've been a bridesmaid, you've got to wear your bridesmaids dress and all of the grooms wear their suits."

And 'The Voice UK' host admits she got the idea from listening to her oldest daughter Isabelle, seven, talk about how she wants to be "a bridesmaid".

The beauty - who also has four-year-old son Ace and seven-month-old daughter Trixie with the 'Crashed The Wedding' hitmaker - said: "That's what I've always said I would do. Now my daughter keeps going, 'Are you and daddy going to get married again? And what would I do? Would I be a bridesmaid?'

"So that's what I want to do. It would be great."

And it is no surprise the 'Big Brother' presenter wants to renew her vows with 33-year-old Matt because he is her "favourite man".

She said: "I love him, he is my favourite man. He makes me laugh and I fancy him still and he is a big old goofball. He is sporadic and bonkers and I want to be with him.

"My bar for marriage is my parents. They're still together after 40-odd years. That's what I strive for."