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Mathew Knowles: My relationship with Beyoncé is great

Mathew Knowles: My relationship with Beyoncé is great

Mathew Knowles has defended his relationship with his daughter Beyoncé.

The 64-year-old talent manager insisted the 'Lemonade' hitmaker hasn't cut him out of her life, after he reportedly cheated on her mother Tina and was fired as her manager in 2011.

Speaking about pictures published last month after he attended her Houston concert during her Formation World Tour - where he met up with the star and her four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy - he said: "Unfortunately the media got it wrong - they tried to portray it like it's the first time we've seen each other. They even got all the photos all messed up and confused. Some of those photos, like the one with Blue Ivy pulling Beyonce's hair - that was six months ago. There was like photos from multiple times we've been together that somehow the media made [look like it was] all that was at the concert."

Mathew says he sees more of his family than people seem to believe but he doesn't feel the need to alert the media every time they meet up because ti is "nobody's business".

He told "Nobody's gonna call and say, 'Hey! Today I was with Beyonce!' That wasn't my first time seeing Beyonce in years. It's nobody's business when I see my kids or my grandkids!

"Its not different than any other times I've been with Beyonce and Blue - it's a lot of fun. It's always good to see your kids."

Meanwhile, the former Destiny's Child manager addressed the rumours that his daughter's latest visual album 'Lemonade' addressed Jay Z's alleged affair with another woman.

He said: "I'm not aware nor do I get involved in my daughter's business to know if her husband's cheating. I don't know the answer to that. We've been in the media for 25 years ... probably you guys have heard every rumor you could imagine."

And he insisted the couple's marriage is still strong and he's seen many rumours blown out of proportion in the media during his career.

He said: "It's annoying that over the 25 years, probably 25% [of rumours] are true [while] 75% are not - of 75%, probably 50% of them are so far left wrong. I'm in the industry, so if you were talking to a general population person, they get involved with this kind of stuff because they don't understand it - but I can't say right or wrong true or false about any of this stuff."