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Marnie Simpson tearfully begs to leave Geordie Shore

Marnie Simpson tearfully begs to leave Geordie Shore

Marnie Simpson begged to leave 'Geordie Shore' after a drink was thrown at her in a Newcastle club.

The 24-year-old reality star looked visibly shaken as she was photographed sitting outside the venue barefoot and in tears.

Onlookers saw her being consoled by a member of the show's team and heard her telling him she didn't want to return to the 'Geordie Shore' house.

According to witnesses, she shouted: "I'm 25 years of age, I'm going home! You're not looking out for us though making me go back to that f***ing house."

Marnie was partying in the VIP section at The Riverside nightclub with her fellow cast members but revellers didn't take too well to their presence, with some shouting "who the f*****g hell are you".

A clubgoer told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "They came into the club like they normally would and were sat in the VIP area. Then the club music system failed and the crowd turned on Geordie Shore just as it looked like the cameramen were setting up an argument to happen.

"They came over to the balcony while the crowd were chanting and they were making gestures at the crowd. They were waving money around and pretending to throw money into the crowd.

"At first it was just a bit of craic but then people were trying to push to where they were. The next minute someone threw a drink at Marnie and then the bouncers took them out through a fire escape.

"It was just the crowd teasing them to see how they would react. To be honest the night got better after they left. Their presence made a difference because it detracted from the usual night. I think it lifted the crowd when they got them out."