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Mark Wahlberg launching fitness supplement line

Mark Wahlberg launching fitness supplement line

Mark Wahlberg is launching his own supplement line.

The 'Ted' star - who is known for his fantastic fitness levels -is planning on releasing a range of natural protein and pre-workout products.

Of the health products, which aim to help fitness fans "build muscle and burn fat in a clean way", he said: "This is an all-natural product. I've always been adamant about being natural, no matter what I was doing - training, putting on weight, losing weight."

And the 44-year-old actor insists he "never wanted to lead a boot camp type of existence" but just wants to feel he can enjoy himself.

Speaking in the May issue of Men's Health magazine, he added: "I never wanted to lead a boot camp type of existence. I wanted to be able to work out, eat right, have fun, drink wine, and eat burgers."

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Mark has a hotel room ripped out and turned into a gym when he travels.

Recalling a conversation he had with the 'Daddy's Home' star, Piers Morgan said: "We discussed [Mark's] legendary fitness regime. He revealed that when he's on location, his team gut a hotel room and create a private gym for him.

"'Talk me through an average day when you're filming,' I said. 'I wake at 2.30am, and do an hour's hard work out from 3am to 4am, with ten-second breaks. Then we drive to a local basketball court and do two-on-two for an hour.

"'I come back to the hotel at 6am and have a plate of chicken and vegetables before heading to the set around 7am. I do 500 sit-ups through the day in my trailer to keep fresh. I finish at 6pm, go back to the hotel and do 45 minutes' boxing. Then eat and go to bed by 8pm.'"