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Mark Ronson always tries to be inspired by George Martin

Mark Ronson always tries to be inspired by George Martin

Mark Ronson tries to be inspired by the late Sir George Martin when he's in the studio.

The 40-year-old producer always attempts to get into the mindset of the legendary composer, who passed away at the age of 90 earlier this week, when he's creating new music as he has so much respect for the songs he recorded with The Beatles.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Ronson said: "It's impossible to go into a studio and not have traces of what the Beatles did with George Martin ...

"I was in the studio last night with a bass in my hand, thinking, 'What would George do?' Every day you go in a studio, what he did with The Beatles is hanging over you as a barometer of trying to make a goof song an extraordinary one ... We're all in debt to that guy.

"People asked, when I worked with Sir Paul McCartney, 'Are you nervous?' You're not only nervous because you're working with Sir Paul McCartney, one of the greatest songwriters ever - there's also the ghost of Sir George."

Martin passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday (08.03.16) and, although he had a long life and massively successful career, the news of his death shook the music world when it broke.

A host of music stars such as ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, Boy George, Brian Wilson and Sir Elton John have all paid tribute to the producer in the wake of his passing.

Former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney admitted Martin had been like a "second father" to him.