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Mark Hamill cast in British sitcom Man Down

Mark Hamill cast in British sitcom Man Down

Mark Hamill has joined the cast of the British sitcom 'Man Down'.

The 54-year-old actor, who is best known for starring as the legendary Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' franchise', is to feature in the third series of the hit show, which also stars the British comedian Greg Davies.

The sitcom, which first aired in 2013, centres on the plight of Greg's on-screen character, who faces a life-defining choice of continuing with the teaching job he has always hated or ditching it to find something more enjoyable.

Starring alongside Greg and Mark in the new series will be 'Beverly Hills Cop' star Steven Berkoff and 'Blackadder' actor Sir Tony Robinson, who played the hapless Baldrick in the Richard Curtis-written show.

Mark's new role has not yet been revealed, but it is highly unlikely he be playing the part of Greg's on-screen father, a role that was previously performed by Rik Mayall until his death in 2014.

Shortly after Rik's death, Greg confirmed he had no intention of recasting the part, admitting he preferred to introduce a completely new character instead.

He shared: "Rik was the dream casting for me. He was a childhood hero of mine, and I look like him. And he was beloved, as you saw when he died.

"The adoration poured out for him. So never for a second did I think, 'That's OK, we'll just get another dad in'."

Meanwhile, Mark has joined the cast shortly after he reprised his most iconic on-screen role for the money-spinning 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' in 2015.

Prior to his appearance, Mark was consistently coy about whether he would star in the movie.

However, he and other members of the original cast, including Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, all made their long-awaited returns to the franchise last year.