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Maria Bello has therapy to overcome her fear of snakes

Maria Bello has therapy to overcome her fear of snakes

Maria Bello had therapy to overcome her fear of snakes.

The 49-year-old American actress has admitted she was left "terrified" of snakes after she had a nightmare about the animal, but when a trip to Africa was fast arising she had to take drastic action to overcome her phobia, which saw her carry around a rubber snake in her bag.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper about what scared her the most, she said: "I used to be terrified of snakes when I was a kid. I had a nightmare about a snake. It came out of my wall in the bathroom. After that, if I saw a snake, even if someone was holding one on the street, I would get down on my back and start screaming bloody murder and go into shock.

"So, when I was 28, I was going to Africa alone for the first time, I did snake therapy. For two months, I had to carry around a rubber snake in my bag. And I had to go to the zoo, and every time I had to walk a foot closer to the cages of the snakes. So I finally go to Africa; I don't see one goddamn snake!"

However, the blonde beauty has revealed she is fearless when it comes to supernatural beings and is desperate to be visited by a spiritual being ever since she was a child.

She explained: "Since I was a little girl, I've been asking ghosts to come and visit me, and I still haven't seen a damn ghost!"

The 'Lights Out' star even took a trip to a haunted house in a bid to make her dream come true, although it was unsuccessful.

She said: "There's this hotel in Bakersfield, California that I was staying in, and these two little girls were supposed to haunt the halls. Even the people who work there say they've seen them. So i sat up for almost two nights and put my alarm on for every hour, just so I could wake up and see the kids. And I was, like, praying: 'Please come out! I'm not afraid.' Nothing. So if you know anything supernatural, please send it my way."