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Margot Robbie's microwaved passport

Margot Robbie's microwaved passport

Margot Robbie's friends put her passport in the microwave.

The 'Legend Of Tarzan' star has only just got rid of the damaged document, which her friends ruined when they tried to dry it in the microwave after spilling vodka on it at a party two years ago.

Recalling what happened on Live! With Kelly, she said: "I had flown in from somewhere and there was a party going on at the house, as there usually was ... I put my stuff down on a bench, go to grab a drink and someone spilled a bottle of vodka on my passport.

"In their drunken state they thought, 'We should dry it out', and put it in the microwave ... and of course there's, like, an electronic chip in your passport, so that broke. Plus, like, the picture's all (ruined).

"Every time I try to get into a country - and I'm flying, like, once a week - they pull me aside and tell me, 'Ma'am, your passport is really water damaged ... I say, 'It's vodka damage, actually! It's a long story.'"

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old actress previously claimed being Australian has kept her grounded.

She said: "There's a thing in Australia called tall-poppy syndrome. Have you heard of it? It's a pretty prevalent thing - they even teach it in school.

"Poppies are tall flowers, but they don't grow taller than the rest of the flowers, so there's a mentality in Australia where people are really happy for you to do well; you just can't do better than everyone else or they will cut you down to size."