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Marco Pierre White Jr. called to speak to Big Brother

Marco Pierre White Jr. called to speak to Big Brother

Marco Pierre White Jr. was reminded by Big Brother about the importance of respecting people's personal space as he was seen getting close to Laura Carter.

The 21-year-old model - who is the son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White - was called into the diary room to discuss the importance of "respecting the fellow housemates' physical boundaries" after he was seen getting close to the 30-year-old contestant.

Big Brother told him: "Big Brother wants to talk to you about your behaviour in the house and remind you that it is important to always respect your fellow housemates' physical boundaries.

"That includes uninvited physical contact. Big Brother just wants to make sure no-one's in a situation where they might feel uncomfortable. And that includes anyone in the house."

And Marco "completely agreed" with Big Brother's comments, adding that making Laura feel uncomfortable was "the last thing" he wanted to do.

Marco and Laura have been close ever since they entered the house and recently had a heart to heart with each other.

She told him: "I want to get cracking with the tasks I might be gone on Friday. I need to just have a bit of time, I can't endure what I did yesterday ... is endure the right word? I can't go through that again, I need a bit of more time."

To which he replied: "You won't be, I got you. Hey, I got you. Trust me."

She admitted she was feeling a lot "brighter" today after the "mad" evening she had and Marco only had kind words for her.

He said: "Don't worry. It's all going out. Either way you got me here. I'm so excited to go into the outside world with you and get f***ed up."