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Marc Baylis excited about Coronation Street return

Marc Baylis excited about Coronation Street return

Marc Baylis feels like he's landed his own 'Coronation Street' spin-off show.

The 38-year-old actor is returning to Weatherfield for a brief stint in his role as killer Rob Donovan and he's loved having a special set to shoot his scenes on.

He said "[The cell] has been built above Roy's Rolls and it's actually pretty cool. I feel like I'm in a spin-off show!

"I'm having good fun on the set and we've also got the prison waiting room where Rob's plans will be unveiled."

Though Marc remained tight-lipped on what his return has in store for the residents of Weatherfield, he admitted his alter ego is out to "cause havoc".

He told OK! magazine: "Rob gets hold of some knowledge about the Connor family and how they're settling into life on the street. He creates a plan to cause as much havoc as possible for the family, so he starts sending visiting orders to members of the Connor family and Tracy.

"There's an essence of revenge. With it being Christmas, he's a bit bored and he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, so he's trying to manipulate them and entertain himself."