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Madonna hopes a family holiday will get her family 'back on track'

Madonna hopes a family holiday will get her family 'back on track'

Madonna has planned a holiday to get her family "back on track".

The 57-year-old 'Living for Love' singer is set to be whisking her four children Lourdes, 19, who she had with her ex-partner Carlos Leon, Rocco, 15, with her former husband Guy Ritchie, 47, and Mercy and David, both 10 on a vacation as part of a "compromise" between her and her former filmmaker beau, following disputes over Rocco's refusal to return to live in New York with his mother in favour of living in London with his father.

Speaking to the Mirror online about the upcoming getaway, a source close to the family said: "This is a big summer for them - the chance they've been looking for to get things back on track.

"It's part of the compromise they've reached - and a chance for Rocco to see his brother and sisters, as they all miss each other a lot."

"If this works well, it could become part of long-term arrangements to see plenty of each other."

This news comes as court hearings failed to resolve the issue and left it to 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' director and the 'Like a Virgin' hitmaker to decide a suitable arrangement between themselves.

The pair have planned to trial the workings of a split custody, and will divide the length of time their children spend at the musicians American abode and Guy's England home equally.

Madonna recently took to social media to show her bid to come to a happy medium over Rococo, with a picture of her and her son which she captioned: "We need (sic)" with a heart emoji.