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Madonna concerned for Rocco

Madonna concerned for Rocco

Madonna is "very concerned" about her son Rocco's "well-being".

The 'Like A Virgin' hitmaker is said to be worried about the influence her ex-husband Guy Ritchie has on the 15 year old - who a court ruled yesterday (02.03.16) should stay in London with his dad - and thinks the filmmaker has only sought to retain custody of him to get "revenge" on her.

A source told People magazine: "She is very concerned about her son's well-being at this time. Madonna's devotion to all her children, their education and spiritual well-being is legendary in her circle of friends.

"Madonna sees the damage that's being done to Rocco, who has so much potential, which by his father's influence is now being wasted and destroyed due to lack of guidance from a man who seems out for revenge instead trying to raise his children to be successful human beings."

Madonna and Guy were not at yesterday's hearing, but heard by phone that Rocco should remain in London for the meantime so he can attend school.

New York Supreme Court judge Deborah Kaplan said: "No one is disrupting this household. The child is in school; let us try to allow him to go forward in the most normal way. We're not forcing the child to leave school. His mother isn't asking that."

The court also heard from Rocco's attorney, who said the youngster - who defied an order to return to New York with Madonna and her other children, Lourdes, 19, and David and Mercy, both 10, before Christmas - was finding the whole situation very "stressful".

The former couple will be back in court sometime in the summer, with the date provisionally set for June 1.