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Lucy Fallon is 'conscious' about her thighs

Lucy Fallon is 'conscious' about her thighs

Lucy Fallon is "conscious" about her thighs.

The 20-year-old 'Coronation Street' actress - who plays Bethany Platt in the long-standing television series - has admitted she is not body confident and is wary about the size of her legs because she thinks her limbs are a "little bit big".

Speaking to Star magazine about her body shape, the blonde beauty said: "I've been slimmer before.

"I'm conscious about my thighs, because I think they're a little bit big."

Despite owning a gym membership the soap star hasn't used it for four months and undergoes a strict workout class instead.

She explained: "I have a gym membership, but I haven't been since February. I prefer to go on power walks and I do a bootcamp on the beach."

Although the Blackpool-born star is trying to eat healthily, she can't resist a packet of salt and vinegar flavoured crisps and McDonald's chicken nuggets.

Speaking about her diet plan, Lucy said: "I don't think anything like that [fad diets] works. It's all about eating less and moving more, but not being too obsessed.

"I used to eat whatever I wanted because I danced a lot, but now I've noticed I put on weight if I eat a lot of fast food. I watch what I eat a lot more these days and I make sure I don't have too many McDonald's.

"I've got a really bad obsession with salt and vinegar crisps and I really like McDonald's chicken nuggets."

Meanwhile, Lucy has revealed she is "completely different" to her character and hates her on-screen wardrobe, although she opts for masculine garments in her everyday life and more glamorous items for the evening and star studded events.

She explained: "We [Lucy and Bethany ] have completely different styles! She [Bethany] has a Kevin Webster-style bomber jacket that I absolutely despise.

"I like to look like a boy during the day, but I love a tailored look when I'm going out."