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Louisa Johnson won't become a diva after X Factor win

Louisa Johnson won't become a diva after X Factor win

Louisa Johnson won't become a diva despite being crowned the winner of the 'X Factor' last night (13.12.15).

The 17-year-old beauty, who was the favourite to win since the beginning, is set to rake in at least £6 million over the next 12 months but is adamant she won't let her new-found stardom go to her head because she finds it "embarrassing" when people start getting too big for their boots.

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine' this morning (14.12.15), she said: "I don't really think I'll get like that [change because of fame]. I think it's a bit embarrassing. I don't want to get like that because I'm not that sort of person."

And the blonde beauty, who is the youngest ever contestant to win 'The X Factor', believes her family will make sure she remains level-headed throughout her future music career.

She added: "They support me so much and they're always pushing me ... [They'll] definitely [keep me grounded."

Meanwhile, although she's focused on making music for the time being, Louisa hasn't ruled out getting a boyfriend but is keen to keep that part of her life separate from her career.

The talented star, who has been romantically linked to West Ham footballer Reece Oxford, said: "The thing is, I'm just sort of keeping that part of my life separate to the singing side of things because I don't really think they need to be both involved. Personal life and singing life; two different things and I just want to keep that part of my life here and that part of my life here and just enjoy both of them."

Meanwhile, Louisa is set to have a bright future ahead of her after beating hip-hop act Reggie 'N' Bollie to the top spot, as bosses predict she'll be as big as 2006 winner Leona Lewis.